Resizable 4-way Rocker Widget

window.onload = document.write(” “); window.onload = document.write(“See the source on jsFiddle”);

It has always seemed odd to me that the 4-way rocker switch that’s at the top of almost every TV and DVR remote and game controller has not made its way into the collection of web input widgets. Even with all the new […]

Simple HTML Slides – Not Ready for Prime Time?

Christian Heilmann, one of the most persuasive of Mozilla’s evangelists for HTML5 wrote a blog post titled “Why I don’t write my slides in HTML.” It’s a good read. In it he provided a list of places where he sees HTML slide tools falling short. These days, Christian spends much of his life giving presentations […]

Ink a Teacher!

“An apple for the teacher” is an old tradition in America that has fallen by the wayside. But doing a little something to show your children’s teachers that you appreciate their effort and understand the challenges they face is still worth the effort.

Rather than sending an apple for the teacher, I’d like to suggest […]