Resizable 4-way Rocker Widget

window.onload = document.write(” “); window.onload = document.write(“See the source on jsFiddle”);

It has always seemed odd to me that the 4-way rocker switch that’s at the top of almost every TV and DVR remote and game controller has not made its way into the collection of web input widgets. Even with all the new […]

Turn PDF Slide Decks into HTML5 Web Presentations in Under 5 Minutes

In an earlier post, I introduced Simple HTML Slides and an anonymous sync server that lets your audience follow along via the web. It uses some deep jQuery magic from Janne Aukia’s wonderful zoomooz.js.

There’s now a new feature that will let you take a PDF of a slide deck and quickly and easily turn […]

Non-Obvious CSS: Full-Screen Gradients

Anyone who has ever cobbled together a CSS file for a web page knows that you can set the background color for the entire window by setting the background-color property of the body tag like this:

body { background-color: #00abeb; }

Many modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) support a linear gradient fill in the […]