Ink a Teacher!

“An apple for the teacher” is an old tradition in America that has fallen by the wayside. But doing a little something to show your children’s teachers that you appreciate their effort and understand the challenges they face is still worth the effort.

Rather than sending an apple for the teacher, I’d like to suggest […]

A Drumbeat for Open Source in K-12

Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of people and projects using technology to help internet users understand, participate and take control of their online lives.

I’ve done a bit of head-scratching over what one possible Drumbeat project aimed at K-12 education might look like.

If you have an interest in helping K-12 education make […]

Thoughts on the iPad in K-12 Classrooms

Apple has finally taken the wraps off the iPad, a device that many in the edtech community have been eagerly awaiting. Is it, as some have opined, the perfect machine around which to build a K-12 1:1 computing program? I’m sure we will see some school adoptions, but there are problems.

Not surprisingly, Apple has […]