Welcome to Mozilla Express

Mozilla Express is an attempt to pull together an integrated blogroll of activity at Mozilla.

What’s here and what isn’t is not a reflection on what’s important.  What’s here is the stuff I’ve stumbled on so far.

Planet Mozilla is a great start, but it’s a bit like trying to take a drink from a fire hose. There’s a Planet Mozilla Tag Cloud page linked on the toolbar up above. It’s very slow and quite lame.

In thinking through what an index into Mozilla ought to be, I’d like to have a three-stage tag cloud generated from the various Mozilla Planet RSS feeds. It needs some persistence so that you can find things that have aged-off the first page of Planet Mozilla. The first level should be subjects, and clicking on a subject tag should give you an author cloud, and clicking on an author should give you another subject tag cloud for that author’s personal blog posts with your original subject selection from level 1 highlighted.

…anyone know how to implement that? (preferably as a WordPress plugin).

Mozilla Express is still woefully incomplete, so please leave a comment here if there is something you think should be included.