Ink a Teacher!

“An apple for the teacher” is an old tradition in America that has fallen by the wayside. But doing a little something to show your children’s teachers that you appreciate their effort and understand the challenges they face is still worth the effort.

Rather than sending an apple for the teacher, I’d like to suggest […]

HTML5/CSS3 – On Beyond Powerpoint…

UPDATE: Check out the Simple HTML Slides project page for more information.

Powerpoint, and to a lesser extent Apple’s Keynote, have a vise-like grip on the psyche of a huge percentage of the computer users on the planet. In business, government and education it’s difficult to get through the day without encountering at least one […]

Change to a More Secure Password

Choosing a password is always a compromise between using something that’s easy-to-remember and something that will give you good protection for your personal information.

With advice from the security folks at Mozilla, the non-profit organization that brings you the Firefox browser, we’ve put together some simple steps you can take to improve the quality of […]