Simple HTML Slides – Not Ready for Prime Time?

Christian Heilmann, one of the most persuasive of Mozilla’s evangelists for HTML5 wrote a blog post titled “Why I don’t write my slides in HTML.” It’s a good read. In it he provided a list of places where he sees HTML slide tools falling short. These days, Christian spends much of his life giving presentations […]

Turn PDF Slide Decks into HTML5 Web Presentations in Under 5 Minutes

In an earlier post, I introduced Simple HTML Slides and an anonymous sync server that lets your audience follow along via the web. It uses some deep jQuery magic from Janne Aukia’s wonderful zoomooz.js.

There’s now a new feature that will let you take a PDF of a slide deck and quickly and easily turn […]

New Data on Password Re-use

One of the battles in the recent cyberwar between the group Anonymous and Aaron Barr the now ex-CEO of HBGary Federal was the hacking of

While most of the media attention has been focused on the personalities, egos, and the questionable ethics involved, Joseph Bonneau, a PhD candidate in the Security Group of the […]