A Physcial Control Surface for Wirecast

At Mozilla we make heavy use of Telestream’s Wirecast to stream video events. While Wirecast has a nice GUI, using a mouse or trackpad to control a video production is far from ideal. In some of our larger venues we have real production video switchers, but for remote events and streaming from smaller venues we’ve […]

Resizable 4-way Rocker Widget

window.onload = document.write(” “); window.onload = document.write(“See the source on jsFiddle”);

It has always seemed odd to me that the 4-way rocker switch that’s at the top of almost every TV and DVR remote and game controller has not made its way into the collection of web input widgets. Even with all the new […]

Web App Strategy Marginally Flawed

A Sad Tale In Which We Discover That The Bleeding Edge Is ¾ Of An Inch Wide

There is a lot of attention being payed to web apps these days. Web apps are applications written using the same technologies used to create web sites, HTML, CSS and JavasScript. Web apps offer the best opportunity for […]