Concatenating OBS Files

Starting with Episode 4, we’ve started streaming Mike Conley’s Joy of Coding livehacking sessions using OBS rather than the usual Air Mozilla infrastructure. By avoiding our Vidyo teleconferencing system as a transport layer, we’re able to stream in much higher resolution. This is essential to keep the detail in Mike’s IDS screens legible in the stream. For now, at least, this means that Mike has to make the recording of the event on his machine and upload it to the Air Mozilla archive.  For Episode 4 he made the recording in two segments and we needed to concatenate them before they could be uploaded. 

PixPro SP360 Live Streams

The PixPro SP360 is a neat little camera with a 214 degree field of view.  That makes it useful for Virtual Reality experiments. While it has an HDMI-out connector, it does not provide a live feed on that connection (at least as of  v1.0.7).  It does however, 

Using OBS with the Edgecast CDN

Mozilla uses the Edgecast CDN (content distribution network) to stream live video content worldwide.  Open Broadcasting Software is an open-source video broadcasting tool we’re experimenting with to source our video streams. 

Midi Control of Wirecast

At Mozilla we make heavy use of Telestream’s Wirecast to stream video events. While Wirecast has a nice GUI, using a mouse or trackpad to control a video production is far from ideal. In some of our larger venues we have real production video switchers, but for remote events and streaming from smaller venues we’ve been stuck with the default GUI control interface. Until now…