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Month: August 2017

$35 IoT-Enabled Weather Station for K12 Classrooms

My latest obsession is a project for K12 science education.  It’s an Internet-of-Things enabled weather station that can be built for less than $35 if you have access to a 3D printer.  Check out the progress of the project on the WxImp page. All of the code is released under a Mozilla Public License and the .stl files to print the mechanical parts yourself on nearly any 3d printer are released under a Creative Commons license. Stay Tuned!

3/16/18 Update:  Don’t try to build this yet.  There’s a problem with the housing design.  See the road map for details.


There hasn’t been a post here in nearly two years. It was clearly time to scrap the old Shiny Pebbles site and start over, so here we go……

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