Electric Imp

I have long struggled without success trying to tether my Electric Imp IOT projects to my iPhone when I needed a net connection in the field. A recent chat with an Applications Guru at Electric Imp revealed the cause of the problem and a simple solution.

What Apple doesn’t tell you is that they use a private (i.e. secret) API to make that connection happen. The hotspot isn’t discoverable by most WiFi equipped devices unless you have the Personal Hotspot settings page open.

There are two solutions to the problem. You can either dig deep into the Settings on the iPhone, or you can make the Personal Hotspot discoverable from the control center. The control center solution is by far the quicker of the two.

Open the control center
by swiping down from
the upper right corner
of the screen.
Then press on the block in
the upper left containing
the green cellular data button.

Make the hotspot
discoverable by
tapping on the
personal hotspot
button in the lower right.

That whole process is quick enough that you can do it after you’ve blinked-up the Imp and your IOT device will connect to the hotspot before the blink-up timeout.