IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t print the current design that’s on Thingiverse.  There is a problem that can result in wet weather damaging or destroying the Imp Explorer’s humidity sensor.  A redesign is in the works.

Here’s an outline of the the state of the project.     I’ll update this page as we go, but this is the to-do list as it stands now:

  • Design and test print .stl files
  • Build prototoypes
  • Write  and test sample Imp device code for data collection
  • Write and test sample Imp agent code for simple web page display of data
  • Write 3d printing notes
  • Post code to GitHub
  • Write notes for installing sample code
  • Write notes for calibrating barometric pressure sensors.
  • Add Gerber files for the anemometer amplifier to GitHub.
  • Write anemometer wiring instructions.

  • Redesign housing to fix solar shield weatherproofing problem.
  • Post revised .stl files to Thingiverse.
  • Write assembly instructions
  • Write WxImp location and mounting notes
  • Define anemometer calibration instructions
  • Write discussion of temp and humidity calibration issues
  • Write Imp agent code to charting services
  • Write Imp agent code to supply JSON data
  • Integration into Weather Underground network
  • Outline lesson plan Strategy

There is a whole range of follow-on projects that come to mind as well:

  • Screw-down mounting base
  • Pole mount base
  • Wind direction sensor add-on
  • Rain guage add-on